Friday, 30 April 2010

Live again. Love again.

I heard his raspy breathing as the last of life ebbed out of him. He was gone. You had loved and now you had lost.
You were strong for him through all of it, strong enough for the both of you. Fielding off all the negativity, saving up every ounce of your strength to spend it on him. It's anyone's guess where or how you recharged your rapidly drained out cells. In the privacy of your pain. And then he was gone.

It's been a long painful journey, two years. You traveled it. You have arrived.

Last night I celebrated your Birthday with you. Your rebirth, in a way. I watched you laugh, dance. The spark in your eyes has returned, you are more beautiful because of it. We had waaaaaay too much to drink, there was so much to celebrate.

Happy Birthday my dearest friend, I am so proud of you. You live again, you will love again.

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