Thursday, 25 March 2010

Tolerance towards smokers over kids?

Sunday evening out in Munich at a cozy restaurant. The kind that one takes the trouble to reserve a table at, and confirm, before hand. On arriving, I make a bee line to the bright, inviting tables set in the winter garden area. Before I settle down the waiter points out that its a smokers only area of the restaurant (that incidentally isn't sealed off from the rest of the place).
We, being non-smokers, grudgingly move back to the less privileged areas, punished for not smoking. We settle for another table, felling all but second best.

Meanwhile, a bunch of kids frolic around playfully. It only being early evening yet, most of the place is vacant and the 4 year olds choose an isle with unoccupied tables on either side.
No sooner had they started than they promptly got frowned upon, and eventually told off by the waiter and staff. Surely their parents must know that it is disturbing to the other diners to have a bunch of noisy 4 year olds goof around.

Clearly not as disturbing as having diners breathe in passive smoke with their dinner. Isn't that obvious?

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