Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Terrorism, a matter of perspective?

When darkness falls, we go for the kill. Like the Bonnie and Clyde of murderers. Watchfully patrolling the small expanse, prepared and seasoned. This far gone there is no more guilt, no hesitation and no remorse. When the blade slices through soft flesh, there is no doubt left. Just satisfaction. Peace.

The first few times were traumatic and disturbing. Haunting nightmares followed. Confusion, disorientation. But like with everything else, so it is also with murder. You get better with practice. Just gotta keep at it. After all these years, some nights the nightmares recur. Questionly, judgingly. The dead come to haunt you in your sleep. Hordes of them, angry swarms of them. Looking for revenge and answers: How can some decide on the fate of others? Remind yourself why you're doing it, how there is no other way.

We continue with conviction. Clear about who the enemy is and why he is the enemy. The whole family, including the children, have now been inducted into the same cause - which seems big enough to contain any doubt anyone could ever feel. To be effective they have been injected with enough hate, expanding the killing machine. We have to work together to preserve and protect what's precious to us. Instilling our views in our children early on. Good, now they are angry too!

Razed to a stubble in the ground are the sad remains of what used to be a lush green, fragrant patch of Basil. Vengeance for the invaders is reinforced. We can't stand around and watch until our beautiful blossoms are also devoured. Their insatiable appetites destroy everything! Hours of gentle caretaking and the joy of sprouting saplings, gone in one moment of inattentiveness. Our approach in tracking down the terrorists of our garden, is selectively scientific. Of the 244 different varieties of molluscs in this part of the world, there are apparently many 'good' types, beneficial to foliage. We couldn't care to understand how they differ, if they differ. We know just enough as is necessary to categorise them as collectively evil. Understanding how they operate, where their hideouts are and where they get their food from. Studying their behaviour in order to conquer and destroy them all.
Slugs have been cursed with desperate ugliness and disgustingly slimy trails, triggering not a trace of sympathy or empathy. Making it even easier to kill them. It is, however, a lost cause. Their invincibility is laid down by nature. As if anticipating what was in store, nature has programed each one of these slimy trailers to lay 400 eggs in 2 cycles every year, producing thousands and thousands more slugs in turn! Our counter-measure massacre will have to forge on...

Not quite so sure anymore, a nagging conflict with my conscience ensues. Who here, is the enemy? Who's the terrorised and who's the terrorist?

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