Monday, 28 May 2012

The invitation.

'Come in' he said, when my husband was home.
'Come in and sit down, you look tired and worn'.
The table was set for him and one more, and no other.
Vanilla Sauce, apple pie. Laid out on a lace cover.

'Sit you down then' he said, to my befuddled husband.
'tis a somewhat odd story, so breathe in deep. It's all a little muddled'
The pie smelt delicious, the coffe was steaming
'That's my first Vanilla sauce', he said almost beaming!

'I am weary these days' said this man to my husband.
'I was glad for sociability, being so much on my own.
"Oh don't mope!" said your wife when we met at the store.
"Come by for some coffee and apple pie at Four".

'They are all away now, both your kids and their mother'.
'For you see when I came by, total mayhem was the order!
little girls in tutus were slipping on their ballet shoes,
"Watch my son! Stir the sauce! I'm running late", was her excuse.

The pie was in the oven, the timer would ring,
"Stick around" she called out "I'll be back before you blink".
'She was gone in a flash, amidst the smell of browning apples',
'And there was me in your home, the oven timer was my shackle'.

'As I gathered back my bearings, came a sense of foreboding,
your son, he was not helping. His suspicion kept on mounting.
I concentrated on the stirring, though that feeling kept recurring.
Then suddenly he was whisked off too, by a unknown lady in a whirring Subaru'.

As my husband heard him out, patient with his nervous recount.
How he got here, why he stayed, lost control and well-obeyed.
His thrifty wife had struck again, yet another will was slain.
He smiled and kicked his legs up. Leaning back, sipping his coffee cup.
'I'll be damned!' he beamed, with wicked satisfaction.
There ARE more fools than I to be had!
It's reassuring to know I'm not the only one thats mad!

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